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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 PC Cheats

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Spy infiltration effects

Infiltrate the following structures to produce the corresponding effects:

Construction Yards
Reveals fog of war from the building radius of the enemy construction yard.

Power Plants
Disable enemy's power for thirty seconds.

Steal $2,000 from your enemy.

Barracks/War Factories
Shut down the production structure for half a minute, making unit production and repairs impossible. You will also temporarily see all units produced from that structure.

Tech Buildings
Temporarily stop production of tier 3 units or structures. It also will reset the enemy's radar, leaving only portions of the map where their units and structures are visible.

Reset the count down timer back to the start.

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Mini-Construction Yard

While your MCV is packed, use a Cryocopter to shrink it. Then, unpack it and you will have a mini-construction yard that allows you to build structures twice as fast.

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