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Commander: Conquest of the Americas PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

Battle king - Win 20 tactical battles without losing one ship.
Boarder - Successfully capture 10 ships with boarding action.
Bring in the Goods - Built one of every tradeship type in a single game.
Canuck - Establish at least 3 colonies in area 1.
Center of Trade - 3 different product factories in one city.
Collector - Built every single ship in game.
Colonizer - Player has more than 100,000 colonists.
Conqueror - Player has a colony in every colony spot.
Conqueror of the Americas - Conquer a total of 10 colonies.
Delra - Player has a total of 30 tradeships, atleast 3 traderoutes with 5 stops.
Diplomat - Player concluded the 1st diplomatic negotiations.
Emperor of the New World - 10 colonies founded in a single game.
Equipped like a Nelson - Built one of every warship type in a single game.
Feed the fishes - Sank 40 enemy ships in a single game.
Filthy rich - Get 10 million in the bank.
Founding Father - Established 1st colony.
Getting started - Completed the Getting Started Tutorial.
Gold Digger - 1000 tons of gold to home port.
Gold hoarder - Get 1 Million in the bank.
Grand Army - Reached 25 000 soldiers on ships and in garrisons.
Hidalgo - Player has 5/4/3 colonies in area 4 (easy/normal/hard).
Home Maker - Colonies in every territory.
Home Runner Bronze - 100 Trips to home port.
Home Runner Gold - 10000 Trips to home port.
Home Runner Silver - 1000 Trips to home port.
Indestructible - Won a battle without taking any damage on any ship.
Indian Warhammer - 50 attacks from Indians.
King of the Castle - Palace level 3 built.
Leader - 100% colony morale achieved.
Lord of the Castle - Palace level 1 built.
Master and Commander - Control 50 warships at the same time during a normal campaign.
Masters of War - At war with all nations at once.
Naval Rookie - Fought the 1st naval battle.
Pax Atlantica - Allies with all other nations.
Peace is our Business - Win the game without attacking an enemy colony or fleet.
Peace maker - 20 years without fighting.
Pirate slayer - Sink 20 pirate ships.
Prince of the Castle - Palace level 2 built.
Rhumsey Rhum - 1000 units of rum imported.
Romantic - Played 10 tactical battles with "Sunset" as the time of day all during one campaign.
Royal Cuban Cigars - 1000 units of cigars imported.
Sniper - Hit one enemy ship, range 2000 or more.
Survivor - Passed the 1st 5 years in the game.
Sweet Tooth - 1000 tons sugar to home port.
The Armada - Player got over 100 ships.
The Navigator - Discovered 20 empty colony spots in one game.
Trades with Wolfs - 1000 units of resources gotten from Indians.
Trading Rookie - Sold 1st cargo.
Warlord - Defeat 3 enemy nations.
Warmonger - Declare war 20 times. 

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