Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine PC Cheats

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

Press A + 2 + ENTER during game play to enable cheat mode. Then, activate the following cheats by pressing F10 and the following keys simultaneously:

3,000 points, 99 ammunition - I
Add 0-8 VLBs - V
Disable memory usage - M
Flying jump - J
Pause game - P
Game over - Z
God mode - G
Level select - W
Level skip - E
No clipping mode - N
Record demo - D
Enter 1 to 15 to change border color - B
Show active and inactive object numbers in level - C
Show hidden areas - Y
Slow motion mode - S
Sprite test - T

Rating 3

Korath III Base secret level

Locate the teleporter in the Gravitational Damping Hub level by going to the arch just before the level's exit. Use the teleporter, then jump down through the floor as you would a platform. This will lead to a secret area. Work your way to the top of it to reach the secret level.

Rating 2

Extra items

Press B + A +T during game play for full life, 99 rounds of ammo, and all keys for the current level.

Rating 1

Alternate ending sequence

On the Korath III Base secret level, climb the red wall at the start to find a large amount of Bags O' Sugar and a strange fuse. Under the Normal or Hard difficulty, you can use your pogo stick to break the fuse and end the level. Proceed and complete the game to view the alternate ending sequence. Note: The fuse will not break under the Easy difficulty setting, and you won't see the alternate ending.

Rating 1

Practice mode

Start the game with /TEDLEVEL <level number> command line parameter. You will start the selected level under the Normal difficulty setting with infinite lives and no prompt to exit. Completing the level will exit the game:

Ion Ventilation System - 01
Security Center - 02
Defense Tunnel Vlook - 03
Energy Flow Systems - 04
Defense Tunnel Burrh - 05
Regulation Control Center - 06
Defense Tunnel Sorra - 07
Neutrino Burst Injector - 08
Defense Tunnel Teln - 09
Brownian Motion Inducer - 10
Gravitational Damping Hub - 11
Quantum Explosion Dynamo - 12
Korath III Base - 13