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Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy Cheats "Skip Parsnip Pass on Commander Keen Dreams" (PC)


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Skip Parsnip Pass on Commander Keen Dreams

At the start of the Parsnip Pass level, go up to the top where there is a log and two squashes on it. After that, jump high enough to get the squashes attention, and wait for them to jump over to the rightmost side of the screen. Fall down with them. Once you hit the bottom, where there is an island with water on the left side, stand next to the right side, which is a wall that you cannot see. Wait for the squashes to fall and hit you. When they hit you, you will start to fall asleep, but you will hit the wall and the "Loading The Land of Tuberia" message will appear. You will not lose a life, but Parsnip Pass will be completed.

2 years ago

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