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Commandos: Beyond The Call of Duty Cheats "Easy kills on "The Asphalt Jungle" mission" (PC)


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Easy kills on "The Asphalt Jungle" mission

-It is tough to win without killing the three Nazis who are ready to shoot the captured general. To kill them, get the zookeepers uniform for the Spy and go inside and move to the area where the captured general is held. Stand just behind one of the three enemy soldiers. Click the soldier to push him one step forward, then move him until he is one or two steps next to the captured general. Do the same thing with the second soldier. Then, use ether and injections to kill the third soldier. Hide his body. Push one of the other soldiers to back and kill him. Then, kill the third soldier. Finally, hide the general behind some barriers (just in the back side of that wall). You can now kill enemy soldiers and no longer need to hide them.

-Kill the soldier outside the compound wall (near the lion's cage) to trap three more soldiers there.

-Make use of the yard house across the street to hide bodies.

-The cigarettes are useful for drawing enemy soldiers into the bear trap.

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