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Conflict: Denied Ops PC Cheats

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360

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Weapon upgrades

Unlock the following upgrades for the specified characters by performing the corresponding tasks. The newly unlocked upgrade can be used in any replayed mission.

7.62mm sniper rifle gun camera (Graves) - Complete the first Mission.
7.62mm Sniper Rifle Suppressor(Graves) - Complete 3 missions.
Automatic shotgun (Graves) - Complete 8 missions.
Flashbangs (Graves and Lang) - Complete 4 missions.
HEAT rocket launcher (Lang) - Complete the first Mission.
Incendiary grenade (Lang) - Complete 5 missions.
LMG 5.56mm 200-round magazine capacity (Lang) - Complete 3 missions.
LMG 5.56mm 25% increased rate of fire (Lang) - Complete 7 missions.
LMG 5.56mm 40mm grenade launcher (Lang) - Complete 2 missions.
LMG 5.56mm Foregrip (Lang) - Complete 9 missions.
Proximity mine (Graves) - Complete 6 missions.
Shotgun attachment (Graves) - Complete 2 missions. 

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