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Conflict: Desert Storm 2: Back To Baghdad Cheats "Armored vehicle or tanks strategies" (PC)


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Armored vehicle or tanks strategies

-Use Jones to run up to the vehicle or tank and lay an anti-tank mine next to it, in turn sacrificing Jones temporarily to take out the vehicle or tank.

-Use Jones to run close to the tank, then plant a C4. Toss a smoke grenade on the tank, run for the nearest cover, then blow it up.

-Have any team member run by the tank to distract it. Then, run up to the tank, plant C4, and blow it up (risking your life). You can heal him with the other team member.

-Tanks are vulnerable in the following locations: their rear; in front, in between the armor over the tracks; and where the gun barrel meets the turret.

-Toss a smoke grenade in front of a tank, then lay mine or C4 in front of it or simply shoot it with an anti-tank rocket in the front.

-Use Jones and give your detonator to someone else, then leave your team somewhere safe from the tank. If it is at far range, toss a smoke grenade out so that you can run out and not be seen. Then, chuck another smoke grenade in its direction and run to it. In all this confusion you will reach the tank. Take out your machine gun and put him on weapons ready mode. Before the smoke clears, immediatelyu have Bradly also come up behind the tank. If you are on cooperative mode, you can go at the same time. Put him on weapons ready mode. He will cover you as you set the C4. Have the person back at the safe location equip the detonator. Toss a smoke grenade and run far enough away so that neither of you will be hit by the explosion, then detonate the C4.

-When all the enemies around the tank are dead, send one man to a safe place and have him open fire. Doing this will distract the tank. Aftewards, sneak around or go next to the tank without firing and destroy it with either rockets or explosives.

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