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Conflict: Desert Storm 2: Back To Baghdad Cheats "Besieged mission hints" (PC)


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Besieged mission hints

-You must have snipers on top of the building in order to win this battle. Place a tank mine by a dirt hill-looking place then put down three claymores by the second hill. Although the claymores will not destroy the tank, they will let you know you that the tank is approaching and will slow it down slightly. When you complete that, have everyone run to the gate where the Delta team will C4 the door. Run in quickly and have everyone inside; there is a heavy duty tank coming; so run.

-As soon as the door opens in the base, send Jones out the door. Go left to the large hole in the wall and place an anti-tank mine in the middle. After that, retreat back to the base. When the tank arrives, it will be destroyed.

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