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Conflict: Desert Storm 2: Back To Baghdad Cheats "Communications Breakdown mission" (PC)


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Communications Breakdown mission

On mission 5 where Bradley is left stranded at the start, immediately veer left and pick up the things on the table. Get out the gun and sprint down towards the searchlight. However, instead of going there, turn left and go into the armory. There you can pick up health packs and other items. Using the silenced pistol, go around killing the guards. If you get them in the head, they die instantly. Your four teammates are stuck inside separate cells. Once you enter the armory, just walk around a bit and you should find either Foley or Jones. To get them out of the cells, go up to the beeping red light, aim at it for a few seconds, and press R. Make sure when you pick up ammo and guns that you share it around so that no one has all of it. Finally, you should find Connors. At the back of the building where he was held, go through the door and make everybody halts just outside the door. Get the man with the sniper, and stand to the left of the boxes. Snipe all the men, then move forward and take out the searchlight men and the searchlights. Make everyone follow you. You will then reach the next building where there are rocket launchers. Give one to everybody except Foley. Have him pick up the shotgun. Then, go down the stairs and down the hallway. Have everyone halt before you get to the hallway leading to the "bridge". Get Connors with the machine gun and have him stay in the hallway, killing the men. Watch out -- some have grenades. Once you have taken everybody out, cross the bridge then go down the path. You will encounter more guns and things. Pick them up and make everyone halt there except for the man who just picked up the automatic machine gun. Get him, go down the path, and look left. There are plenty of men. Some have grenades, but stand your ground. Once you kill all the men a tank appears. Take out a rocket launcher and blow it up.

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