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Conflict: Desert Storm 2: Back To Baghdad Cheats "Destroying tanks on POWs In Baghdad mission" (PC)


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Destroying tanks on POWs In Baghdad mission

When you first encounter the tank, the easiest way to destroy it is to first eliminate all foot soldiers. After that, throw two or three smoke grenades at the machine gun bunker. Move directly to the house with the machine gun bunker, taking out the gunner as you run. Make sure the squad holds in a safe location away from the tank. Drop to a prone position and crawl through the house to the other door. Run along the wall until you reach an opening on the left. You should see the back of the tank. If necessary, throw another smoke grenade at the tank and move to the rear. Drop on a knee and shoot the exact rear of the tank. It should be destroyed On the second tank, give all the remaining smoke grenades to one person and move them to the top of the stairs. Throw them at the tank. Order the squad to fall in and run to the GAZ jeep.

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