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Conflict: Desert Storm 2: Back To Baghdad Cheats "Sneak past T-72 tank POWs Of Baghdad mission" (PC)


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Sneak past T-72 tank POWs Of Baghdad mission

When leaving the sewers, you will find a small alley. First, kill all enemy soldiers and the machine gunner on the small building facing the alley exit. Then, have all troops hold positions and switch to Connors. Exit the alley, turn right, and run to the fence. Turn left to see a very shallow trench deep enough for the tank not to see you, if you go prone. Start crawling and you should hear the tank break through the wall. Stay low and keep moving. When you get close enough to the small alley between the alley and the building, quickly get up and run. You will be close enough to the building that the tank will not be able to shoot you in time. Note: If you don't think you'll make it, use a smoke grenade or two to conceal your movement while crawling in the trench.

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