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Conflict: Desert Storm 2: Back To Baghdad Cheats "Two tanks at last SAM on Air Cover" (PC)


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Two tanks at last SAM on Air Cover

At the final SAM, there is a tank behind a building. This is after the conveyer belts. Have Bradley pick up an Iraqi gun earlier in the mission. When you find the tank behind the building, give this weapon to Foley so that he and Connors can cover the door where the conveyer belts are located. After that, tell Jones to follow you to the entrance leading outside but do not go outside yet. Use Bradley's Grenade Gun. Shoot the grenade near the building with the steel structure. The tank will then come out, but hide behind the steel structure. Switch to your regular gun and start shooting the Iraqis that come out of the building. Now toss a smoke grenade so that you can get to the barrier without the tank shooting you. Switch back to the Grenade Launcher on your Colt machine gun and shoot the SAM hidden behind the truck to your right. You will have completed that objective. Next, go to your left slightly to where you will see a shadowy passageway. Shoot your Grenade Launcher over to that area. Instantly, another tank will appear. Switch back to the Colt machine gun's burst fire. You should have picked up RPGs near the beginning of the mission. Toss a smoke grenade or two and fire your RPG at the second tank. If you aimed correctly, you should have killed it. Do the same thing to the first tank. Then, go into the building.

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