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Conflict: Desert Storm Cheats "Destroying tanks hints" (PC)


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Destroying tanks hints

When you see a tank, take two people, Foley and Jones. Have Foley shoot out the gunner. The turret will then rotate a full 360 degrees as if it were checking where the shot came from. At this point, switch to Jones and run straight at the tank. It is essential that you reach the tank as soon as possible. Once you reach it, lay down. Foley should snipe off the advancing soldiers. As you are behind the tank, they do not hit you and instead cause damage to the tank. Plant a C4 and detonate it. Just let Jones blow up with it. Jones will be dead on the floor behind a tank (in cover, which is useful). At this point, switch to Bradley and have everyone follow him. Rush forward using the tank for cover, shooting as you run and heal Jones. This trick can be used for just about any tank, even moving ones. Simply run up behind them, fire a shot at the back of them and they will stop, allowing you to plant the explosive.

-To easily take out tanks, equip a mine and plant it directly in front of it. Note: You will die doing this so make sure you have another soldier ready to heal you.

-Have Foley use his scope. If you see a tank that has what appears to be a satellite dish on top, scope in with Foley. Shoot the satellite dish about half a dozen times and the tank will explode. Note: Not all tanks have a satellite dish.

-During any level where you have to face a tank but do not have any anti-tank missiles and need to get close to it to plant C4, do the following. Take Jones and any other character. When getting near the tank, make sure you are not near anything that is high out of the ground (buildings, trees etc.). If you are not, then this decreases the chance of being hit by a shell. Once near the tank (stand directly next to it not to get hit), use Jones to plant the C4, and the other character to defend him from oncoming infantry. Once the C4 is planted, follow the same path you took to go to the tank, and when far away enough, blow up the tank.

-Have Jones toss a smoke grenade directly at the tank so it cannot see you. Run to it, then plant a C4 on it. Be careful not to get smashed, then throw another smoke grenade and run and detonate.

-If you're out of rockets or grenades, have two of your men run at the tank. Make sure you take out gunner if present. Have one person stand on one side of the turret and the other person stand on the other side, so that the turret cannot turn to kill you .When the turret is stuck, have your other man finish the mission by himself. Remember to tell the two people who are holding the turret to stay where they are or the turret will kill them. You will lose players with this tacticm but you will complete the mission.

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