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Conflict: Desert Storm Cheats "Getting past tanks" (PC)


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Getting past tanks

When out of grenades, anti-tank weapons, anti-air weapons, C4 or anything else that can destroy a tank, use the following trick to get past them. First, take out all the enemy soldiers around. Make sure the gunner of the tank is taken out. You can kill him with a sniper shot. Take only one person and have him run at the tank, With smoke bombs equipped, toss a smoke bomb before the tanks shoot at you. If all went well, you should be standing directly next to the tank, only it cannot blow you up. Next, move yourself around the tank, to make the barrel point in another area away from where your group must pass. Have the rest of your team run to cover, past the tank. Then have the Man who is standing next to the tank look at where his team is now located. Make sure they are in cover then throw a smoke bomb and run. If done right, you should get past the tank without dying. This technique works well in the level where you must escort Dr. Franklin to the sewers.

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