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Conflict: Desert Storm Cheats "Killing General Aziz on Lights Out" (PC)


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Killing General Aziz on Lights Out

-When attempting to kill general Aziz at the end, take out the "laser" and lock on so it turns red. He will run out. Take him out with a sniper, then evacuate.

-When calling in an artillery strike on General Aziz's underground bunker, an alarm will alert the town. General Aziz will then run out of the bunker. You have to shoot him before he escapes.

-Use Connors for this trick. Have one of the others off to the side, by the exit to your extraction area. Have Connors directly in front of the doors to Aziz's bunker, but back as far as he can be from the doors. Have your first squad member "lase" the bunker for the airstrike, then switch to Connors before the doors to the bunker open. Once the doors open, have Connors open up on Aziz and his two guards with either a machine gun, or have him launch a RPG/rocket into the bunker.

0At the end of the mission when you must kill General Aziz, have Jones plant a Tank Mine just at the front of the bunker doors. Place the remaining C4s near the end of the path leading towards the bunker doors in a straight line towards the Tank Mine. Have Jones at the top, looking down at the bunker ready to detonate the C4s. Have Connors at the escape door in case if you fail to kill Aziz.

-When you reach the point where you must "paint" the building General Aziz is in, have Jones or your demolition man plant an anti-tank mine directly in front of the door so that when the bodyguards come out they will be killed immediately. After that, place your remaining mine slightly farther back so that when Aziz comes out, he is also killed immediately. You can also lay a stick of C4 a couple feet behind the last mine so that you can detonate it if the mine does not kill Aziz.

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