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Conflict: Vietnam Cheats "1st Air Cav mission hints" (PC)


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1st Air Cav mission hints

-At the start of the level, get all the ammo in the weapons room (to your left at the very start). After that, move on to the Major. When he tells you to go to the bunkers, take Ragman and the Doc and crouch down next to the Major. Then, take Junior and put him in the first bunker to your right and up the stairs. Now take Hoss and put him in the next bunker down. Whenever someone dies, the Doc will heal them.

-After killing all the NVA around the southern perimeter, follow the major to the northern perimeter and defend. Do not stay around the major; artillery will fall around your position and kill you. Instead, you will see the Vietnamese coming from three paths. Go in those paths and take out all the Vietnamese, then just keep running around the area killing them. The artillery will not hit you. Also watch out for Vietnamese with RPG-7v; they will fire and kill your squad.

-After getting off the helicopter, you will start as Ragman. Face left and go into the bunker. After stocking up on ammunition and weapons, walk to the comms bunker. You will hear a man speaking on a radio. Go around the bunker to find a black soldier. Talk to him and follow the orders he gives you. After you help Major Wallace, you will have to defend the northern perimeter. The NVA will be overrunning the base and attack through three different paths connected by one path that runs behind the other three. There will be mortar fire falling around Major Wallace. Do not worry; he cannot die. Run up one of the three paths and kill any Viet Cong that you see. Move around often as there will be Viet Cong soldiers with rocket-launchers running around.

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