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Conflict: Vietnam Cheats "Destroying the tank on The Citadel mission" (PC)


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Destroying the tank on The Citadel mission

When the mission nbegins, you will see a T-34 tank blocking the road. It will immediately fire. Turn around and quickly call your squad. Run to the multiple cannon tank. Enter the tank and go in reverse. If you move forward you will get blown up. Exit the tank and select any character. Get all the smoke grenades from the other members of the squad. Order the squad to enter the tank. Check who is driving and operating the cannon. Select the character with all the smoke grenades and lie down. Move forward while crouching. The tank will not be able to see you. Take out the smoke grenades and kneel. The tank will start turning its cannon towards you. Throw all the smoke grenades at the tank. This ensures that the tank will not move forward or fire at you. Quickly switch to the driver of your own tank and move forward. Because you are the driver, you can also operate the cannon. Halt the soldiers inside the tank. Aim the cannon over the enemy tank and start firing until it is destroyed.

2 years ago

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