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Conquer Online Cheats "Easy experience hints" (PC)


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Easy experience hints

-Once you reach level 30 (Trojan), go to Maple Forest and use Accuracy. You will deal damage with each hit rather than dealing damage half of the time. You will get 100+ experience points with every hit. Note: Bring some healing items with you (Ginseng, Panacea, Amrita, etc.) if you plan on fighting the Bandit King, Caterans and Bandit Messengers.

-When you reach level 16, speak withCoachLi in the top left-hand corner of Twin City. He is by the Boxer. He will give you a Name Card and tell you to talk with General Gai. Go to Genereal Gai, by the Love Altar in the Robin Area. He will tell you he needs a Name Card and one Euxinite Ore. Get a pick-axe from the Shopkeeper in Twin City, then go to the mines. You can get to the mines easily by talking to the Conductress just outside the city. Get one or two Euxinite Ores, then go back to General Gai. Talk to him. You will give him both items and in return you will get 8,000 experience points.

-To get experience and weapon experience at the same time, first get a high level friend to have enemies attack them. However, have your friend let you kill the enemies. If you are a warrior, get plenty of potions that restore your HP completely. Then, go to an enemy that is one to three levels above you. Using superman will result in a kill in one to three hits, and your experience and weapon experience will rise quickly.

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