Conquer Online PC Cheats

Rating 3

Look other direction when jumping

Jump in any direction then hold SHIFT and click in another direction. Your character will face the way you clicked, but still move in the direction of the jump. This has no real use except for entertainment.

Rating 2

Dancing with weapons

Disarm your weapon and set it on the F1 to F10 hotkeys, then press [Dance] and the F1 to F10  shortcut with the weapon together. You will get to dance with the weapon.

Rating 2

Level weapons without needing requirements

To do this, you will need to get your character to the level that your weapon will need you to be after you have it upgraded. Make sure the item is repaired or this will not work. After you do so, speak with the Artisan in the market to level your item and have it done. You will now be using the weapon without having the requirement that it asks for. Also if you unequip it without doing this, you will not be able to re-equip it again without gaining the requirement first.

Rating 2

Logging out glitches

Even though there is no "log out" feature, there are many glitches in the game that will allow you to log out and avoid closing the entire game and restarting it. Once such way for log out (or disconnect) is to jump as far as you can back and forth. Once in the air during a jump, immediately move the pointer back to where your character jumped from and click while you are still in the air. Keep doing that back and forth movement and you will eventually disconnect and be sent back to the log in screen.

Another glitch has the same outcome but is done differently. First, go the "actions" and hotkey at least four of them (for example, F5 for Wave, F6 for Lie, F7 for Cool, and F8 for Sit). Start pressing all four of these hotkeys at the same time. Your character looks as if he or she is having a seizure, and you will get disconnected.

These glitches are useful if you want to log out and relog in with another character.

Rating 2

Duplicate items

If you wish to duplicate an item, get killed and then click once on an item so that you drag it. Click "Revive", then drag the item back. You will have two of the same item. Note: If you use one of the duplicated items, the other will disappear.

Rating 2

Easy experience hints

-Once you reach level 30 (Trojan), go to Maple Forest and use Accuracy. You will deal damage with each hit rather than dealing damage half of the time. You will get 100+ experience points with every hit. Note: Bring some healing items with you (Ginseng, Panacea, Amrita, etc.) if you plan on fighting the Bandit King, Caterans and Bandit Messengers.

-When you reach level 16, speak withCoachLi in the top left-hand corner of Twin City. He is by the Boxer. He will give you a Name Card and tell you to talk with General Gai. Go to Genereal Gai, by the Love Altar in the Robin Area. He will tell you he needs a Name Card and one Euxinite Ore. Get a pick-axe from the Shopkeeper in Twin City, then go to the mines. You can get to the mines easily by talking to the Conductress just outside the city. Get one or two Euxinite Ores, then go back to General Gai. Talk to him. You will give him both items and in return you will get 8,000 experience points.

-To get experience and weapon experience at the same time, first get a high level friend to have enemies attack them. However, have your friend let you kill the enemies. If you are a warrior, get plenty of potions that restore your HP completely. Then, go to an enemy that is one to three levels above you. Using superman will result in a kill in one to three hits, and your experience and weapon experience will rise quickly.

Rating 1

Advanced dancing with weapons

To perform this technique, you must first disarm your weapon(s). After doing so, perform any dance that you know or have learned. While you are dancing, click on the shadow of your character. An easy way to do this would be to have "Simple Shadows" selected under your options. After clicking on the circular shadow, or at the character's feet, it will look as if he or she has stopped dancing, but actually remains dancing on all other players' screens. Now you may equip or un-equip any weapon that you can use, and will remain dancing while doing so. On another player's screen, you will be dancing while equipping and/or unequipping weapons.

Rating 1

Training grounds Nightdevil trick

Use Nightdevil and attack a stake, then let Nightdevil wear off by itself and you will attack about three times faster.

Rating 1

Logging out

There are two methods for logging out from the game. Press ESC and a box will appear, asking you if you want to exit. The other way is to click the "Setup" option, then click "Exit". The same box will appear.

Rating 1

Easy items

When you go to the alien bandits, kill a large number of them them. Do not pick up what they drop. After killing many of them, eventually one will drop lots of money or a rare or unique class item.

Rating 0

Easy money hints

-First, get to level 20. Kill Flying Roosters. They drop many types of swords. When your inventory is full, sell the swords to the blacksmith. Do this repeatedly and you can get 10,000 easily.

-Make a female warrior and get her to level 40 at Bird Island, then get 500 silvers and put them in the warehouse. Go to the conductress and go to Desert City. Go in the portal then fight the guards to intentionally die and be revived there. Purchase a scroll from the pharmacist, and then go to conductor and go to Mystic Castle. Enter the portal and lure Tomb Bats. You can collect money and good items that can be sold.

Rating 0


There is only one place to get clubs. Note: You must be level 15 to get the weakest club. Head to Phoenix Castle and you should see a location on the top right corner of the map. Go to the top right corner of the map and watch out for Winged Dragons. When you go to all the way to the corner of that location, you should see a fall and a portal. Go though the portal, then go to top left corner of that location. You should see a blacksmith. Talk to him. He sells all kinds of clubs. Note: When you get though the portal, watch out for Hawkings.

Rating 0

Sent to the wrong place

Get to level 27 with any class by doing the Monster Hunter quest. Then, go to Phoenix City and talk to the PC Captain. He should say that you are too powerful and should go to Twin City and help there; a complete reversal that acts as if Phoenix City is the place you start in. Note: This occasionally doesn't work.