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Cool 21 Cheats "Easy wins hints" (PC)


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Easy wins hints

-For a good chance of winning, get elevens together and leave them alone in each row because there are many tens. If you get an Ace, save it in a row for the 10 to come up and get a Blackjack.

-Play horizontally and don't start stacking little cards on top of each other to keep other lanes empty. Fill up all four lanes as fast as possible. Only stack the little cards on top of each other if you have to (after the lanes are full).

-There are exactly the correct number of cards to match up one with another to make elevens. If you stack little cards on top of each other it becomes tougher to remember what fell, and you will probably create a pile of faces that will end in a bust
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-If you must stack little cards on each other, try to remember which card will be missing a "partner" card to make an eleven. For example, if you stack a two on a three, remember that there is an odd eight and nine still out there.

-Do not care about the Aces in a Hard mode game. Do not save a ten or a lane to play an Ace to get a Blackjack. Aces are nice when you can use them for BJs. Aces are very small so they can help clear lanes with five-card clears rather than 21s. This leads to smaller scores in some hands, but at least you can keep rolling your score.

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