Corridor 7: Alien Invasion PC Cheats

Rating 3

Ammo boxes

Ammo boxes that you acquire will stay during the entire game until you use the W + A + X code. Ammo boxes are cumulative. You can have 999 human ammo. On the hard level it will empty quickly.

Rating 3

See the map

Press TAB to activate and deactivate the map. The map becomes smaller on higher difficulties. However, the map item will fix this.

Rating 2


There are red and blue keys that are acquired at the computers in the security centers. Blue keys are more common and are always in security centers.

Rating 1

Mine usage

Use one mine for any normal alien, or use two mines for purple and red aliens. Use three mines for skull aliens. Only set mines in passageways because enemies can walk around them in open spaces. Backing up over mines will also kill you.

Rating 1

Adrenaline bottles

Adrenaline bottles will increase your maximum health by 400, but only in that level. If you find several bottles you can have 999 health. You can health chamber up to 999 health by having only one bottle.

Rating 1

Escaping when trapped in a room

Point at the door diagonally and then shoot them one at a time. They cannot walk past each other.

Rating 1

Power up

Hold W + A + X to receive full life, all weapons, and proximity mines. Note: Your score will reset to zero when this cheat is enabled.

Rating 0

Maze navigation

Usually it is easy to navigate a maze if you follow a left wall. Some important items are in the center of mazes; it is important to go there as well. Mazes are often shown by single dots on the map but will never be completely outlined.

Rating 0

Secret passages

Secret passages are always in the gray map area. Some are accessed only from service tunnels. Entrances to service tunnels are usually near the Security Centers. Service tunnels usually lead to the map, as they encircle the entire level.

Rating 0

Visor ammo hint

If you are given Visor ammunition, chances are you will need it to find Invisibles. Use the visor in enclosed spaces such as box mazes.

Rating 0

Random levels

Start the game with the c7 president command line to start at a random level.

Rating 0

Alien quirks

Invisible aliens cannot open doors and can be found with your Red Visor. Shapeshifters are cans, lone chairs, and trees. You can hear the Mechanicals' footsteps. Any alien will get behind you if possible.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Start the game with the c7 level1diagnostic command line. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Toggle God mode - BACKSPACE + G
Level select - BACKSPACE + W
Walk through walls - BACKSPACE + N
Display skull in front character - BACKSPACE + R
Increases score - BACKSPACE + I
Press PP to toggle dot display - BACKSPACE + P
Show memory display - BACKSPACE + M
Show door and actor stats - BACKSPACE + C
Show coordinates and stats - BACKSPACE + F
Pause game - BACKSPACE + S