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Counter-Strike: Source Cheats "Weapon names" (PC)


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Weapon names

Spawn the following weapons by using the corresponding entries with the "give" code. Note: They must be activated while there is nothing in your hand:

M249 (heavy machine gun) - weapon_m249
TMP (silenced SMG) - weapon_tmp
M4A1 (silenced rifle) - weapon_m4a1
Desert Eagle (Night Hawk) - weapon_deagle
HE grenade (high explosive) - weapon_hegrenade
AWP (magnum sniper rifle) - weapon_awp
P90 (gun with 50 bullets per clip) - weapon_p90
Scout (weakest sniper rifle) - weapon_scout
Glock (terrorist default pistol) - weapon_glock
AK47 (terrorist default rifle) - weapon_ak47
Bullpup rifle - weapon_aug
Magnum sniper rifle - weapon_awp
Counter-terrorist pistol - weapon_elite
Clarion 5.56 - weapon_famas
Weakest pistol - weapon_fiveseven
Flashbang grenade - weapon_flashbang
D3AU - weapon_g3sg1
IDF Defender - weapon_galil
Terrorist pistol - weapon_glock18
HE grenade - weapon_fraggrenade
Pump shotgun - weapon_m3super90
Weak SMG - weapon_mac10
SMG - weapon_mp5
13 round pistol - weapon_p228
Weak sniper rifle - weapon_scout
Krieg 550 - weapon_sg550
Krieg 552 - weapon_sg552

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