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Counter-Strike Cheats "Play as the enemy" (PC)


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Play as the enemy

Start the game with bots or multiplayer on any map that requires selecting your team. At the selection screen, type 6m1i0 or 6m2i0 and start the game. Your team will see you as an enemy and they will begin shooting. Enable "Friendly fire" so they cannot kill you. The other team, your real enemies, will see you as a friend and will not shoot. You can easily kill (hunt) them. Note: If this trick does not work the first time, try it every time you die and you must select your team again. If you are Counter-terrorist, type 6m2i0 and you will be dressed like a terrorist. If you are Terrorist, type 6m1i0 to be dressed like a Counter-terrorist. Note: This code is not a console cheat -- type it at the "Choose Your Team" screen.

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