Counter-Strike PC Cheats

Rating 4

Bind Costumes

To play with alternate costumes, press ~ to bring up the console and type any of the following codes. Note: These cannot be activated by the host server.

bind w "+forward;model sas"
bind d "+moveright;model gig-n"
bind a "+moveleft;model l337"
bind s "+back;model arctic"
bind uparrow "+forward;model vip"
bind rightarrow "+moveright;model sciencetist"
bind leftarrow "+moveleft;model gorila"
bind downarrow "+back;model sas"

Rating 4

Sniping Ak47

Aim the crosshair in the center of the enemy and shoot the bullets two by two. When the crosshair becomes big, run and reload. The target should be dead after you shoot the first two bullets.

Rating 4

Client trace

On the host comp, enter the following so that every shot hits: sv_clienttrace 999999999. The default is 1.

Rating 4


To enable auto-reload, press ~ to bring up the console and type "+reload". To disable auto-reload, type "-reload". Note: This code can only be activated from the host server.

Rating 3

Air walking glitch

On the assault map, go to the hostage room. Note: Two people are required for this trick. Get one or two hostages to follow and ask your friend to squat on the floor below the window on top of you. Toss a grenade up the window and it will break open, then jump on your teammate's head and have a hostage jump on top of the window. You can now swim up. Swim up for three seconds and press [Left]. You can now walk in the air and fire head shots at your enemies

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

-Activate the following cheats by pressing ~ or ' to bring up the console and type the corresponding codes:

Enables cheats - sv_cheats 1
Bots only buy snipers - bot_sniper_only
Bots only use knives - bot_knives_only 1
All Deleted Scenes - cl_levellocks 16382
Enemies don’t see you - notarget
Go through walls - noclip
Invincibility - god
Kills all bots - bot_kill
Make bot go to specific locations - bot_goto_mark
Bots don’t move - bot_zombie 1
Set the bot´s difficulty level - bot_difficulty
Bots will only buy pistols - bot_pistols_only
Restart the map without losing any goals - restart
Auto Aim - sv_aim

-Press ~ to enter the console on the server machine, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Note: Some codes have been changed or removed with various patch updates for the game:

Arctic sniper rifle - give spaceweapon_awp
Auto-aim with sniper rifle - sv_aim
Adjust gravity - sv_gravity <-999 - 999999>
Adjust wall and object density; default is 3600 - gl_zmax <0-9999>
See and fire through walls and objects - gl_zmax 0
View other players' frags - cl_hidefrags 0
Faster forward motion - cl_forwardspeed 999
Faster backwards motion - cl_backspeed 999
Faster side motion - cl_sidespeed 999
Level select - changelevel 
Get indicated item - give 
Change skins - skin 
Auto-reload enabled - +reload
Auto-reload disabled - -reload
See things brightly without flashlight - lambert -1.01
SetC4 timer - mp_c4timer <1-100>
Hyper auto-aim enabled - sv_clienttrace 9999
Hyper auto-aim disabled - sv_clienttrace 0000
Change crosshair color - adjust crosshair
Disable the crosshair to enlarge when shooting - crosshair <1-5>
Set freeze period at the start of rounds. Set to 0 to disable, default is 61 - mp_freezetime 
Set maximum length in minutes a round can last, default is 51 - mp_roundtime <3-15>
Toggle friendly fire1 - mp_friendlyfire <0 or 1>
Set minutes between map rotations, default is 01 - mp_timelimit
Toggle footsteps, default is 11 - mp_footsteps <0 or 1>
Toggle flashlight use, default is 11 - mp_flashlight <0 or 1>
Set maximum minutes of buying time - mp_buytime
Toggle crosshairs in observer mode, default is 1 - cl_observercrosshair <0 or 1>
Reveal how much time is left on the map - timeleft
Toggle map briefings after new levels load, default is 1 - dm <0 or 1>
Toggle to see ghosts in observer mode, default is 0 - ghosts <0 or 1>
Toggle auto-help hint messages, default is 1 - ah <0 or 1>
Disable waypoint editing - waypoint off clip
Enable waypoint editing - waypoint on clip
All shots will hit, default is 1 - sv_clienttrace 999999999
No clipping mode; decreases gun accuracy and does not work with all maps - noclip
$16,000 - impulse101
Whiten all surroundings at 800x600 resolution - r_lightmap 1
Show ping as numbers - -numericping
Toggle graph - net_graph <0 or 1>
List cheat commands, press [Page Up] or [Page Down] to scroll - cvarlist or cmdlist
Unbind key command - unbind 
Restart game after one second - sv_restartround 1
Show last four kills of either team - hud_deathnoticetime 9999
Toggle blood thickening - gl_spriteblend <0-1>
Unlimited spraying - decalfrequency 0
Shows information at bottom right - +graph
Hide information at bottom right - -graph
Refreshe time on the console - timerefresh
Suicide - kill

Rating 2

Skin Codes

Unlock the following skins by entering the corresponding codes. Note: Place the skin name in quotes if they are not activated without them.

SAS - sas
GSG9 - gsg9
SEAL - seal
Terrorist - terror
Arab - arab
Guerrilla - guerrilla
Arctic - arctic
VIP - vip
Hostage - hostage

Rating 2

Faster Movement

To activate the following cheats, press ~ to bring up the console and type the corresponding codes. Note: These codes can only be activated from the host server.

Fast forward - "cl_forwardspeed [Number]" (enter # between 0 and 999)
Fast backward - "cl_backwardspeed [Number]" (enter # between 0 and 999)
Fast strafe - "cl_sidespeed [Number]" (enter # between 0 and 999)

Rating 2

Key binding to buy weapons

Type bind  "buy;menuselect;menuselect ;buy;menuselect 6 (or 7 to purchase ammo)" . For example, typebind v "buy;menuselect 4;menuselect 6;buy;menuselect 6" at the console window to set the "AI Artic Warfare Magnum" gun code to the "V" key.

Rating 2

Temporary invincibility

Type bind  "setinfo model ../oranget" during game play. Repeatedlyl press the key that was bound to that command to become invincible.

Rating 2

Temporary SAS appearance as terrorist

Type bind  "setinfo model sas" (for terrorist only). Your entire body will change into UK SAS suit. Keep pressing the key that was bound to that command.

Rating 1

Play as the enemy

Start the game with bots or multiplayer on any map that requires selecting your team. At the selection screen, type 6m1i0 or 6m2i0 and start the game. Your team will see you as an enemy and they will begin shooting. Enable "Friendly fire" so they cannot kill you. The other team, your real enemies, will see you as a friend and will not shoot. You can easily kill (hunt) them. Note: If this trick does not work the first time, try it every time you die and you must select your team again. If you are Counter-terrorist, type 6m2i0 and you will be dressed like a terrorist. If you are Terrorist, type 6m1i0 to be dressed like a Counter-terrorist. Note: This code is not a console cheat -- type it at the "Choose Your Team" screen.

Rating 1

Increased target visibility

This works for any client on a multi-player game. Enable the gl_nobind 1 code to make all the textures look like a series of numbers and letters, then spray paint or have someone else spray paint. By luck or chance, the map will be a flat unlit color of the spray paint and all the textures of the sprites will be the image of the spray logo. All players will be a brighter shade of the color, making them very easy to locate. Note: All the fonts will be corrupted, making typing messages or console commands difficult. To solve this, restart the game. Since navigating around the flat-colored level with this vision is hard, you might want to bind an alias to a key to turn it on or off. In the following example, holding down the key toggles it on; releasing the key toggles it off.

alias +see "gl_nobind 1"
alias -see "gl_nobind 0"
bind +see

Rating 1


Call one of your player's over with the call "Follow me", then call him over to one of the wooden crates and say the phrase "Need backup or taking fire... need assistance". He will guard you while you attempt this. Shoot the ground just in front of the wooden crate and jump twice. One enemy will appear from either your left or right. Kill him with your hand and say "follow me" and repeat the process, all up to the point where you jump two times. You will then be invisible. Note: This only works under the expert difficulty setting.

Rating 1

Set C4 Timer

To set the C4 Timer, press ~ to bring up the console and type "Mp_c4timer [Number]". Enter a number between -1000 and 1000. Note: This code can only be activated from the host server.

Rating 1

Key binding

Bind codes to keys to make them easier to activate. For example, type bind v "impulse 101" at the console window to bind the "$16,000" code to the "V" key.

Rating 1

Overbright in multi-player mode

Enter the following codes to enable overbright in multi-player mode:

gl_overbright 1
gamma 256
brightness 256

This will brighten the whole map and player models as well, so you can see someone hiding in a dark place better.

Rating 1

Easy terrorist bombing hint

First, have the bomb and a vehicle that you can drive. Then, have a friend drive the truck, robot, etc. up to the bomb point. Start placing the bomb, but move so you can place it on the vehicle (which should be directly on top of the target. Have your friend drive away and park the vehicle somewhere hidden, then run away and the CT's will not know what is happening. You can also do this when playing with bots, but it will take longer.

Rating 0

Item Codes

Unlock the following items by entering the corresponding codes:

AK-47 - weapon_ak47
Benneli xm1014 - weapon_xm1014
C4 - weapon_c4
Colt M4a1 carbine - weapon_m4a1
Commando - weapon_sg552
Dual Berettas - weapon_elite
Fn P90 - weapon_p90
Glock 18 pistol - weapon_glock18
HE grenade - weapon_hegrenade
M3 super shotgun - weapon_m3
MAC-10 - weapon_mac 10
MP5 - weapon_mp5navy
Para - weapon_m249
Scout - weapon_scout
SIG p228 - weapon_p228
Steyr Aug - weapon_aug
H&K Sniper Rifle - weapon_g3sg1
Desert eagle - weapon_deagle
Flashbang - weapon_flashbang
Bomb defuser - weapon_defuser
Smoke grenade - weapon_smokegrenade
Kevlar Vest - weapon_kevlar
Nightvision goggles - weapon_nightvision
Sig 550 - weapon_sig550
Artic - weapon_awp
Ump.45 - weapon_ump45
Usp.45 pistol - weapon_usp

Rating 0

Level Select

To select any level that you want to play, press ~ to bring up the console and type "Changelevel [Map Name]". Note: This code can only be activated from the host server.

Rating 0

Edit weapons

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. Use a text editor to edit any "weapon*.txt" file in the "\cstrike\sprites" folder in the game folder. Edit any of the values to change how that weapon behaves during the game.

Rating 0

Sierra logo during game

Type impulse 99 at the console window two or three times while you are alive to see the Sierra logo.

Rating 0

See through smoke in Milita

Head down to the tunnel camera monitors and find a place where someone threw a smoke grenade. Move around, and the smoke will seem to turn into nothing. After that, when you go the opposite way, the smoke returns. This is useful for the Terrorists when checking the monitors for any Counter-Terrorists are hiding behind the smoke. Note: This does not make a change to the other player's view of the smoke.

Rating 0

Get to the top faster in assault

Note: Two people are required for this trick. Go to the top ledge inside then go to the corner closest to the exit (not the boxes one, but the corner directly to the side) Have someone else crouch down, then have your character stand on top of their head. Jump and you will go outside. If this does not work, then have both players jump at the same time.

Rating 0

Adjust Gravity

To adjust the gravity, during gameplay press ~ to bring up the console and enter sv_gravity and a number between (-999-999999) Note - This code can only be activated from the host server.

Rating 0

Display all cheat codes

After enabling the mp_free code, repeatedly press [TAB]. All the codes in the game will eventually be displayed.

Rating 0

Bullets hints

Get bullets for the following weapons by performing the corresponding tasks:

Get 90 bullets for Usp.45 Pistol - Purchase a MAC-10 and all its bullets, then buy a Usp.45 Pistol.
Get 120 bullets for Glock Pistol - Purchase a MP5 and all its bullets, then buy a Glock Pistol. Note: If you already have it, you do not have to buy another one.
Get 98 bullets for Scout - Purchase a Scout, shoot one bullet and reload. Then, buy the bullets again.
Get 120 bullets for Steyr TMP - Purchase a MP5 and all its bullets, then buy a TMP.
Get 59 bullets for Usp.45 pistol - Purchase a Usp pistol, shoot one bullet and reload. Buy the bullets again.
Get 89 bullets for H&K Sniper Rifle - Purchase a scout and all the bullets. Shoot once, reload, and buy the bullets again. Then, buy a H&K sniper rifle.

Rating 0

Splatter bones and body tissue

Type bind backspace "impulse 102" at the console window, then repeatedly press press [Backspace] key. Bones, tissue, and blood will scatter all over the place.