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Cradle Of Persia Cheats "Tile movements" (PC)


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Tile movements

-Moving the tiles to fall the correct way allows you to make larger matches and complete levels faster. You must use this when using the magic runes to finish levels automatically.

-When you drag the tiles in a row starting from the left and pull them towards the right, the tiles will move towards the right.

- To move tiles to the left, drag the tiles in a row starting from the right. The same also goes for the opposite direction. If you drag the tiles in a row from the right pull them towards the left, the tiles will go to the left side of the board.

- If you drag tiles across the board in a zig-zag pattern, they will move in the same pattern just made. If you started from the bottom and you went up, the tiles will follow the same pattern and will end with the final tile you linked. This can be useful when you are try moving a blocked tile that you are trying to free. 

2 years ago

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