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Cradle Of Rome Cheats "Unlockable Villagers" (PC)

Game also available for:   NDS


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Unlockable Villagers

Unlock the following villagers by performing the corresponding tasks:

Farmer - Make a five-piece match after building a Farm.
Fisherman - Produce three consecutive five-part combos after building the Port.
Gladiator - Perform a chain reaction of fifteen blows after building a Coliseum.
Miller - Perform fifteen tile breaking moves in rapid succession after building a Mill.
Miner - Receive 2,000 units of supplies in one level after building a Quarry.
Orator - Receive 3,000 gold in a single level after building the Forum.
Peasant - Receive 3,000 units of food in one level after building a Field.
Priest - Finish a level in three minutes after building the Pantheon.
Scholar - Perform three combos in succession after building the Tabularium.
Smith - Get 10,000 points in ten levels after building a Forge.
Wine Maker - Perform two combos in succession after building a Tavern.

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