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Easy popularity

Build three clothing stores, two jewelry stores, two perfume stores, and two shoe stores. They are cheap and small, and the shoppers will like them. Upgrades to other buildings such the department store, bowling alley, and theater will also add to your popularity.

2 years ago

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Start with $4 billion

To get $4 billion dollars in funds at the start of the game, do the following. Note: This only works once you have unlocked the restaurant and info center. Also, it may require a few attempts. Purchase and place a clothes store anywhere in the mall. Buy and place a shoe store next to clothes store. Go to "Resources" and buy the highest number available. Go to "Entertainment". Buy and place a restaurant. Click the tab repeatedly until it becomes available to be placed in the mall. Immediately go to "Enhancements" and buy the info center. Repeatedly click it until it becomes available to be placed in the mall. Place it directly next to the restaurant. Once it loads, your funds should be over $4 billion. Buy as many resources and workers with your money as you can. Every time it reloads, click it again so you build up numerous workers and thousands of resources. Your funds usually go back down after eight or nine reloads but by then, you should have accumulated enough workers and resources to buy everything you need and upgrade quickly. Note: You may also be able to get the $4 billion by simply buying the restaurant first, then buying the info center next and placing it directly next to restaurant.

2 years ago

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