Creatures PC Cheats

Rating 4

Faster Norns

Give one Norn twelve energy boosts. If there are two Norns, use twenty-four energy boosts. Your Norn(s) will start doing everything quickly. For example, instead of walking, your Norn(s) will run. Instead of running, your Norn(s) will seem to teleport. Instead of eating, your norn(s) will make the food they are holding disappear. Note: This only works with freshly hatched Norns and not purple mountain Norns.

Rating 1

Cheat mode

While gameplay is paused, type a fine kettle of fish for unlimited lives and invincibility for all Norns.

Rating 1

Sleepwalking Norn

Give one of your Norns three sleeping injections filled to the top, then enter a command such as "Get up". He will get up without waking up.