Cricket 2004 PC Cheats

Rating 5

Take wickets easily

- On a normal, green, damp, or wet pitch, get a fast, medium fast, or medium pace bowler. Pitch the ball outside the batsman's off stump very short and use the slow ball. Stop the pace meter before it even appears, then put the ball angling in to the batsman. This works excellentfor a right hander. For a left hander, pitch the ball in line with leg stump. Pitch the ball back at them so it straightens, again with a slower ball and before the pace meter appears. However, make sure it is as short as possible. You might need to have a short stop -- if the batsman misses it, you will have runs scored because the wicket keeper cannot take the ball.

-Use a medium pacer and pitch the ball short to the maximum so that it angles towards the stumps. Cut the pace totally. You willget him out bowled or lbw. This trick works well under the easy difficulty, but is kind of unstable under the medium and the hard settings -- be accurate.

Rating 3

Easy scoring hints

-Choose "Team Management" and from there, "Copy Base". After that, select a team and a player from there. Once done, the player can be seen in "Create A Player" mode. Then, increase all his batting and bowling abilities to 100, and then go to "Add To Data Base" mode and replace the player you selected with the original player. Repeat the same process with all other players on the same team to make a team which will be virtually invincible. By doing so, you will be able to hit 6s and 4s easily, and thus score a lot of runs and take a lot of wickets.

-When bowling with a fast or medium fast bowler, don't use the "movement marker" to make the ball seam off the pitch. Instead, leave it where it is in the center of the ball. This will make the ball swing to the off side of the right handed batsman, although the amount of swing will depend on the conditions. Even in poor bowling conditions, the ball will swing enough to cause the batsmen problems, and you will get wickets fairly regularly if you keep the ball in the correct areas (about two thirds of the way down the pitch, and heading towards around about off stump).

-During a World Series or any game with fast bowlers, put in your tail batsmen and try to cover drive all the balls down offside. It should be edged through the gaps for a four to two runs. This is useful if you are in a bit of trouble and need quick runs.

Rating 2

Easy run outs

Use the "Take wickets easily" trick and keep a shortstop (one who is directly behind the keeper). Angle the ball just outside the off-stump. The batsman will miss, and so will the keeper. The batsman will go for a run and the shortstop will get the ball and throw it to the keeper, resulting in a run-out. This works in all modes. Be patient; the batsmen will not run sometimes.

Rating 1

Winning tournaments in a short time

Use the "Easy scoring" hint, then enter a tournament of your choice. Once done, when you win a toss, take bowling first. Then, without bowling a bowl, select "Autoplay". Normally most of the time the target will be small, like 50 or 60. Sometimes it can be a big one but will not exceed 130. You can reach the total within 5 overs by hitting 6s. Doing so will have you win matches and thereby finish tournaments in a very short time. If you do not win a toss, put into batting first. After that, score about 80 runs in 4 overs then use "Autoplay". If you do not lose any wicket before autoplay, you will be successful in giving a reasonable target. After that, give autoplay when you go to ball. Your opponents will be unable to reach your target and you will get easy wins.