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Cricket 2004 Cheats "Take wickets easily" (PC)


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Take wickets easily

- On a normal, green, damp, or wet pitch, get a fast, medium fast, or medium pace bowler. Pitch the ball outside the batsman's off stump very short and use the slow ball. Stop the pace meter before it even appears, then put the ball angling in to the batsman. This works excellentfor a right hander. For a left hander, pitch the ball in line with leg stump. Pitch the ball back at them so it straightens, again with a slower ball and before the pace meter appears. However, make sure it is as short as possible. You might need to have a short stop -- if the batsman misses it, you will have runs scored because the wicket keeper cannot take the ball.

-Use a medium pacer and pitch the ball short to the maximum so that it angles towards the stumps. Cut the pace totally. You willget him out bowled or lbw. This trick works well under the easy difficulty, but is kind of unstable under the medium and the hard settings -- be accurate.

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