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Cricket 2005 Cheats "Getting the opposition out quickly" (PC)


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Getting the opposition out quickly

-Try to bring the medium fast or medium bowler on, then place the bowling marker just short of the good length spot or even further down towards the bowler. Try inswing ball or outswing but drop the speed to almost nil. Keep the speed to two or three lines (yellow meter). The batsman will play a backfoot defensive shot and eventually get bowled or LBW.

-A second way of getting the batsman out fast is bring the medium fast or fast bowler and try bowling inswing bouncer and place a fileder at deep thirdman for a catch. This trick only works when the batsman is new to the crease or tailenders.

-Bowl with a medium pacer like S. Ganguly on any pitch (preferably wet or damp). Try to bowl a bouncer (drag it nearest to the umpire), aiming at the stumps (just on the line of off stump) with the minimum speed (the speed meter should be filled by only one or two lines). You will see your opponent getting out LBW or bowled very easily. Moreover they will not be able to score runs.

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