Cricket 2005 PC Cheats

Rating 2

Get batsmen out fast

-Bring in a fast bowler (for example, McGrath) and aim a normal delivery behind either the center or the off stump. Put the bar up to almost full power and let her rip. Most batters will swing and miss or be caught LBW.

-When bowling with someone who has a slower ball (for example, McGrath put the pointer as near to the bowler as possible, then put the pointer just to the left of the umpire. Put the power to two yellow bars. After that, watch them walking in and out of the Pavillion.

Rating 2

Keeping the scoreboard moving or hitting some runs

-Make sure you always bring the left handed batsman first and aim for the leg side boundary for six hit shot. He will succeed most of the time.

-During test matches, do not rush for runs or you will get out fast. Place your innings and play the ball in the gaps.

Rating 1

Getting the opposition out quickly

-Try to bring the medium fast or medium bowler on, then place the bowling marker just short of the good length spot or even further down towards the bowler. Try inswing ball or outswing but drop the speed to almost nil. Keep the speed to two or three lines (yellow meter). The batsman will play a backfoot defensive shot and eventually get bowled or LBW.

-A second way of getting the batsman out fast is bring the medium fast or fast bowler and try bowling inswing bouncer and place a fileder at deep thirdman for a catch. This trick only works when the batsman is new to the crease or tailenders.

-Bowl with a medium pacer like S. Ganguly on any pitch (preferably wet or damp). Try to bowl a bouncer (drag it nearest to the umpire), aiming at the stumps (just on the line of off stump) with the minimum speed (the speed meter should be filled by only one or two lines). You will see your opponent getting out LBW or bowled very easily. Moreover they will not be able to score runs.

Rating 0

Easy six shots hints

The more you play, the better you will get. It is not easy to start hitting six shots from the start. Even after plenty of practice you will find it tough to play the all the shots. The best way is to play six shots down on the long on and long off boundary using DOWN + SHIFT + S. Players who have good calibre like Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, etc. will be find it difficult to hit six shots. If you try with other players you may end up with a mis-timed shot and give a catch. If bowled onto the stumps, for beginners play it down the legside using S + RIGHT.

=When the ball is pitched just in front of your leg outside offstump or towards center stump, sweep it through the legside by a powershot. Most of the time the result will be a six.

Rating 0

Easy run outs

Go to "My Cricket" and click "Game Settings". Set "Auto Fielding" to "Manual Fielding", then start a match and select a fast bowler. Change the field by using "Field Editor" and select "Retreat 3:. Bowl out side offstump batsman will defence. Do not get to the ball immediately. Wait for two or three seconds. The batsman will run. Go and pick the ball and press SPACE + S for hitting a direct aim at non-strikers end or SPACE + W for hitting a direct aim at strikers end. Usually the batsman will be out. Note: Be patient as the batsmen will not not run sometimes.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Highlight the "Credits" option at the main menu, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Hit the ball easily - sbatsman
All fielders change to umpires - fatfielders
Large bat - superbat