Croc 2 PC Cheats

Rating 4

Trampoline Gobbo

The Gobbo in Sailor Village challenges Croc to jump higher than he does. To do this, stand next to the trampoline with the jumping Gobbo and and press X(2). Then, while in the air and ready to stomp the ground, press X again to make a very high jump.

Rating 2

Baron Bon Dante's World

Complete the game and collect all Gold Gobbo Trophies and Puzzle Pieces. Then, speak to Swap Meet Pete. He will take you to a twisted up version of all levels, but with nothing but Dantinis. Collect the colored gems from each level and get all the eggs to complete the game.

Rating 2

Clockwork Gobbos

When you use a Clockwork Gobbo it slows down quite quickly. There is usually a heartpot behind the heart at the end of the area. You might not get them both at the same time.

Rating 2

Village Destroyer strategy

When the Village Destroyer breaths fire, toss the bucket of water into its mouth. Repeat this. Note: Watch out for the fire.

Rating 1

Croc vs. Dantini boat race

-Look around the waterfall in Sailor Village to find the last colored crystal.

-Head through the waterfall to cut halfway across the track.

Rating 1

Shortcut on Get The Gobbo's Sandwich!

When you get to the section where you have to jump across the broken bits of bridge, stop. Instead of jumping across, go around the pit and find a box. Jump onto the box, but do not stomp it. Instead, turn around to face the ledge on your left. Triple jump from the box onto the ledge. This way you will skip the entire cave section with the breaking platforms. However, if you are trying to get the Golden Gobbo, just go through the door. Jump on the platform and kill the Dantini. Then, go over to the area with the save gong. Hit it and stomp the boxes. Find the platform with the blue crystal. Throw the Gobbo at the platform. Once done, jump on the platform, kill the Dantini, and go through the door. You can now continue with the rest of the level.

Rating 1

Soveena The Squid strategy

The Gobbo in the level gives you TNT. After hitting Soveena The Squid twice, some of the crates will be covered with hot liquid metal that hurts Croc and also blows up the TNT box he has.

Rating 1

Lava Lamp Larry strategy

Push the ice cubes into the lava holes according to the number the smoke forms.

Rating 0

Swap Meet Pete

There is a crystal ball when you enter Swap Meet Pete's store. Croc cannot purchase it until he completes all the levels with that tribe. Return to visit Stinky Pete and you should be able to buy it.

Rating 0

Venus von Flytrap strategy

Roll the rocks into Venus von Flytrap's mouth at the precise time.

Rating 0

Jump higher

Double jump and while Croc in the air, quickly hold JUMP. When Croc drops down, he will automatically jump higher.

Rating 0

Defeating Pirate Pete strategy

Don't get hit by the cannonballs that Pirate Pete shoots. Just use your tail attack to use the cannons on the jetty one at a time. The battle will be over soon.

Rating 0

Secret level

In each level there are five hidden colored crystals. If you get all the crystals in a level, you will get a Golden Gobbo. Collect all the Golden Gobbos in the first home world to unlock a new level.