Crossfire PC Cheats

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Mutants strategy

An easy way to kill mutants is by crouching with a very accurate weapon; usually an automatic weapon to keep your distance from it. When you have to reload, run backwards while watching your radar for any walls behind you. Once you have exhausted your primary weapon, switch to your pistol(s) and keep aiming for the head. Continue this until the mutant is dead, or you only have your knife and grenade. If this happens, locate an area to throw the grenade (for example, a corner) and stand on it to prevent the mutant from getting any points.

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Easy Zombie mode

Use weapons that are light, have high damage, hold plenty of ammo, have high firing rate, and reload quickly. Do not hide or be afraid to fight zombies. For normal zombies, do not fight alone or you will be vulnerable. If you are the only zombie, do not run to a school of soldiers. Instead, find a lone soldier. Recommended weapons for Zombie mode are as follows:

Machine gun - Gatling gun, M60, M249
Sub machine gun - P90, MP5, Uzi
Shotgun - XM1014
Sniper - AWM, Dragunov
Pistol - M9, P228, Desert Eagle, Anaconda
Grenade - Zombie grenade
Capsules - Gatling Gun Gold, RPK gold, Kriss Super V, Kriss-Camo, DSR-1, De scope or Crystal, Ak47 scope, XM1014 Adv, AWM pink or gold, QBZ95