Crysis 2 PC Cheats

Rating 8

Suit Module Upgrades

The following are all suit modules and their upgrades:

Air Stomp - Velocity based attack; more speed deals more damage. Requires elevation beyond a Power Jump.
Minimum Velocity Damage - 40 damage out to 2 meters.
Maximum Velocity Damage - 220 damage out to 7 meters.
Upgrade II - No damage from falling.
Upgrade III - 0.5x recovery time after Air Stomp.
Proximity Alarm - Sense enemy in a 30 meter horizontal radius (not vertical); updates every two seconds.
Upgrade II - Sensor updates every second.
Upgrade III - Sensor updates every half-second.
Armor Enhance - 0.5x energy consumption.
Upgrade II - +25% movement speed in Armor mode.
Upgrade III - Immune to Nanosuit Jammer Bonus.
Threat Tracer - Highlight bullet path within 6 meters.
Upgrade II - Highlight grenades within a 15 meter radius.
Upgrade III - Highlights explosives within 15 meter radius.
Nano Recharge - 2x health regeneration.
Upgrade II - 2x suit recharge (60 per second).
Upgrade III - 0.5x delay before health regeneration.
Detonation Delay - +2 seconds to grenade fuse when in blast radius.
Upgrade II - +2 seconds to C4 fuse when in blast radius.
Upgrade III - Fires Chaff against enemy JAW missiles.
Energy Transfer - Restores 20% energy with a kill.
Upgrade II - Restores 30% energy with a kill.
Upgrade III - Restores 50% energy with a kill.

Side Pack - +1 primary magazine.
Upgrade II - +1 grenade/explosive.
Upgrade III - +1 attachment ammo.
Weapon Pro - 0.6x reload time.
Upgrade II - 0.5x aim down sight time.
Upgrade III - 0.4x weapon swap time.
Aim Enhance - Reduced recoil (unique to weapon).
Upgrade II - 0.4x view shake from explosions.
Upgrade III - 1.6x movement speed when aiming down sights (compared to whatever negative speed it offers).
Loadout Pro - Two primary weapons.
Upgrade II - No mobility loss from attachments.
Upgrade III - 1.5x speed while carrying HMG (compared to its 0.6x speed scale).
Rapid Fire - Higher rate of fire on primary weapons (unique to weapon).
Upgrade II - Higher rate of fire on secondary weapons (unique to weapon).
Upgrade III - Higher rate of fire on mounted weapons.
Point Fire Enhance - Reduces spread of primary weapons (unique to weapon).
Upgrade II - Reduces spread of secondary weapons (unique to weapon).
Upgrade III - Reduces spread of mounted weapons.
Mobility Enhance - 0.5x sprint and jump energy cost.
Upgrade II - 0.5x ledge grab climb time.
Upgrade III - 0.25x fire after sprint time.
Retriever - Automatically collect Dogtags.
Upgrade II - One less Dogtag required for support bonuses.
Upgrade III - 1.2x support bonus time.

Stealth Enhance - Transition time to/from stealth is halved.
Upgrade II - No shadow cast in Stealth mode.
Upgrade III - 0.5x energy drain rate in Stealth mode.
Covert Ops - No player footstep sound.
Upgrade II - Invisible to Ceph Airstrike.
Upgrade III - 2x enemy footstep sound.
Cloak Tracker - Displays particles on Cloaked enemy within 20 meters.
Upgrade II - Causes enemy Cloak to flicker after 7 seconds in radius.
Upgrade III - Causes enemy Cloak to flicker after 5 seconds in radius.
Jammer - Scrambles the radar of enemies within a 10 meter range.
Upgrade II - Provides protection against enemy Radar Jammer attacks.
Upgrade III - Scrambles the radar of enemies within an increased range.
Blind Spot - Invisible to Maximum Radar.
Upgrade II - Immune to Visor Tagging.
Upgrade III - Become less visible to enemies in Nano Vision.
Tracker - Track enemy footsteps within 25 meters; updates every 0.6 seconds.
Upgrade II - Footstep direction tracks.
Upgrade III - Doubled track updates (every 0.3 seconds).
Visor Enhance - Automatically tag enemies when zoomed in.
Upgrade II - Enemy Flashbang grenade effect lasts 0.1x as long.
Upgrade III - Nano Vision energy drain 0.5x.

Rating 7

Steady Aim

While aiming down the sight, Left-Click to trade energy to steady your aim while sighting "down scope." Use this with Maximum Armor and your aim will be nearly perfect.

Rating 6

Survive any fall

With Air Stomp you can jump off any building and survive as long as you activate it. For instance, in Dead Man Walking, you can jump off the first building and do an Air Stomp and survive without any loss of health.

Rating 6

Literary Agent achievement hint

Right after walking through fire in the New York library, open your visor and look around for some books pointed out to you by the visor. Scan the books for the achievement.

Rating 5

Back to the Future easter egg

During the first level you have the ability to flank some CELL soldiers by entering a small sewer after the subway. There are some electrical wires hanging above your head that say "Caution 1.21 Gigawatts." This is a reference the the movie trilogy Back to the Future where the time machine, made from a DeLorean, needs 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to travel through time. The correct pronunciation is "gigawatts," however, they say "jigawatts" in the movie. Apparently a scientist the movie team hired said it this way.

Rating 5

Deflection suit upgrade in multiplayer

During multiplayer, you may see the "Deflection" suit upgrade on screen. This is not a normal suit module upgrade' deflection is pretty much a deathstreak reward, earned after five consecutive deaths. Deflection can normally be found in the Campaign mode as a suit upgrade. The description in the campaign is: "Provides increased protection from enemy fire by deflecting bullets." The deflection upgrade will be gone after you earn a kill.

Rating 5

Mugshot of Crytek boss

While walking around the city in-game, look for a Newstand on one of the magazines on the Newstand to see a mugshot of the Boss of Crytek.

Rating 5

FUUUUUUUUUU Meme easter egg

In the city, look for the magazine stands and look closely one of the magazines that says the words "Simple" on it. It will have the popular "Raging" meme face on it.

Rating 4

Dance party

Play the "Dead Man Walking" level. After achieving the "Locate the Nanosuit Deep Scan Cradle; Locate Gould" objective, there will be an elevator at the end of the level. Take the elevator down as instructed. When the elevator door opens, follow the hallway. After the first right turn notice the security camera next to some servers. Jump over the red rope and get close to the switch on the right. Hold [Action] and a red light will appear. Return to the elevator that you used, and jump over the red rope to reach a second elevator. The switch will now be lit. Hold [Action] again, as instructed. The elevator doors will open, showing a C.E.L.L. dance party.

Rating 3

"Hole in One" achievement hint

In the Campaign chapter Dark Heart, there will be a moment where the suit tells you to do a Tactical Assesment. One of these will say Avoid, which is because there is a very deep sink hole. If you can Grab a Ceph and throw it into the hole, you unlock the achievement.

Rating 3


To unlock a mini-game, complete the game. Press [Fire] five times during the credits to play the mini-game.

Rating 2

New Game+ mode

To unlock New Game+ mode, complete the game. Load your cleared saved game file to start a new game session with all previously earned armor modules.

Rating 1

Conserving energy in multiplayer

Firing your weapon while invisible in multiplayer will drain your energy gauge entirely. Switch off invisibility right before you fire your weapon to avoid depleting your energy.

Rating 1

"Food For Thought" achievement hint

At the start of Chapter 2, when you reach the area where you are on the roof with the donut to your left, you must wait until the group of people by the pit of dead bodies burning breaks up. After a couple seconds, one of the Cell Soldiers will walk under the donut and you have to knock it off with a melee attack.

Rating 0

Teddy Bear on "Dead Man Walking"

Jump down the building and place the corner of the building in front of you. Go to the right side and all the way in the left corner. There is a teddy bear on one of the columns of a planter.

Rating 0

Actual easter eggs

There are colored Easter Eggs in the mission Gate Keepers. Get into the building past the CELL checkpoint and you will be be in the area where you can locate the Easter Eggs.