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Crysis Warhead Cheats "Item names" (PC)


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Item names

Use any of the following case-sensitive entries with the i_giveitem code to spawn the corresponding item:

Anti vehicle mine - AVMine
Assault scope - AssaultScope
AY69 micro machine gun - AY69
C4 - C4
Claymore - Claymore
EMP grenade - EMPGrenade
Explosive grenade - FragGrenade
FGL40 Automatic grenade launcher - FGL40
Flash grenade - FlashbangGrenade
Flashlight for pistol - LAMFlashLight
Flashlight for rifle - LAMRifleFlashLight
Gauss rifle - GaussRifle
Grenade launcher for SCAR and FY71 - GrenadeLauncher
Incendiary ammo for FY71 - FY71IncendiaryAmmo
Lasersight for pistol - LAM
Lasersight for rifles - LAMRifle
Minigun - Hurricane
Missile launcher - LAW
PAX Plasma Accumulator Cannon - TACGun_XP_2
Alternate PAX - TACGun_XP
Pistol - SOCOM
Shotgun - Shotgun
Silencer for pistol - SOCOMSilencer
Silencer for rifle - Silencer
Smoke grenade - SmokeGrenade
Sniper rifle - DSG1
Sniper scope - SniperScope
Standard Korean rifle - FY71
Standard U.S. rifle - SCAR
Submachine gun - SMG
Tac Gun (mini nuke) - TACGun
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