Cubefield PC Cheats

Rating 2

Easy points hints

-Repeatedly press SPACEwhen the game first starts. It will open to a very wide area where you can "fly" around and get lots of points.

-Start a new game. When you are going down the straight path at the start, repeatedly press SPACEand you will not hit any blocks.

-After seeing the colored blocks five times you can fly through blocks and get many points.

-After getting through the first alley type thing (it is the first place you are in), hold RIGHT and you will dodge all of the cubes. When you feel like you have a good enough score, release the key and you can die. If press RIGHT on the correct point this will apply. Occasionally you have to try more than once to get this result

Rating 2

Easy levels hints

-Hold RIGHT without crashing into any boxes while going through a level.

-While going through the wavy path, there is a gap that you can fit through. Then you can simply move around without any blocks for awhile.

-When you get to the "diamonds" part at the beginning, there is a gap that you can go through. Eventually you will not have to worry about blocks for awhile. However, this will be difficult to do after the techno (black and green) level.

Rating 2

Invisible ship

Press SPACE just before going through any block. The "New Game" option will appear. Select it to restart the level with your points intact, and your ship will be invisible.