Curse Of Monkey Island, The PC Cheats

Rating 3

Guybrush gets left behind glitch

When on Plunder Island, locate the map to Blood Island last. When you peel it off the back of the sunbather's back and exit the beach, the Sea Cucumber (your ship) will sail off. However, when it tells you to insert the following disc, look by the beach. Guybrush will still be standing there, and the crew actually left without him.

Rating 3

High pitched voice

-Have Guybrush inhale one of the balloons, then immediately talk to someone.

-Click on a balloon then click on the parrot. Guybrush will swallow the helium and his voice will change. After that, tell him to chew bubble gum, and it will float into the air.

Rating 3

Funny questions and answers

Get to the swamp on Plunder Island, then get in the shipwreck and use the alligator call the Voodoo Priestess. After speaking with her for awhile, Guybrush will be able to ask questions such as "How to handle a diet?", and the Priestess will answer in a funny way.

Rating 2

Christmas message

Set the system date to December 25th and start a new game to receive a Christmas message.

Rating 2

LeChuck doll

While on Skull Island, ask "What about toys, got any toys?" You will be given a LeChuck Doll. You can use the doll at any time as it very funny, especially with LeChuck at the last chapter for a laugh.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding keys at the specified locations:

Chapter skip - Press SHIFT + V followed by X during the sea fights in chapter three to advance to chapter 4.
View ending sequence - Press SHIFT + W.
Star Wars sounds - Press SHIFT + J when dueling with Rottingham during the ship-to-ship combat to hear lightsaber sounds.

Rating 1

Working clock

The game integrates itself with the Windows clock. On Plunder Island, the clock in Puerto Pullo chimes accurately on every hour and half hour. In addition, having Guybrush look at the clock gives you an accurate (and funny) time of day, to the second.

Rating 1

Zombies Ate My Neighbors easter egg

While in the Goodsoup Crypt, look through the crack into the undertakers' house where you get the lamp. Look in the bottom of the screen in the center. There will be two books there. You can only see the name of one, which reads "Zombies Ate My Neighbors", referring to the SNES and Genesis games of the same name.

Rating 0

LeChuck mask

While in the Goodsoup Crypt, look through the crack into the undertakers' house where you get the lamp. Look in the bottom of the screen in the center. You can find a LeChuck mask on the wall, which he describes as a "Halloween mask".

Rating 0

New Year's Day message

Set the system date to January 1st and start a new game to receive a New Years message.

Rating 0

The Dig easter egg

Look at the spider web in "The Mutual of Stan" crypt. Enter and exit the crypt severaltimes until Maggie Robbins from the The Dig can be seen, eaten by a spider.

Rating 0

Secret Of Monkey Island flashbacks

-Use the water about thirty times on Plunder Island (after the shipwreck with the Welshman sitting on the box). A sequence from the first game in the series, featuring Fester Shinetop throwing Guybrush off the dock, will play.

-While in the Goodsoup family crypt in Chapter 4, examine the crack in the wall to the right of the ghost. You will pop up in a scene from the original game and a funnysequence will follow.