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Cutthroats: Terror On The High Seas Cheats "Easy sea battles" (PC)


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Easy sea battles

-Attack your opponent's sails with chain shot. Without a sail, that ship will be less mobile. When the sails are tattered, switch to grapeshot and pound the deck to slay most of the crew. After several strikes, sail alongside the ship and issue the grapple order to begin boarding it.

-Never drop your sails in battle. Maneuverability is vital for getting your other cannon facing toward the enemy as quickly as possible.

-When you start an adventure, loot towns first to get about 1,500 gold pieces to buy another small ship before you try open-water battles.

-Before a long series of sea battles, recruit as many sailors as you can fit onboard, You will need them for boarding operations

-Stick to a single ship and upgrade instead of increasing your fleet. You will have less worries about doling out the plunder later with less pirates under your care.

-When sailing into combat with several ships, control the lead ship and allow the CPU to control the rest to cut down on the chaos.

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