Cybermercs: The Soldiers Of The 22nd Century PC Cheats

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Press ALT + F12 then type doomsday or wlrnwhdakf in a dungeon to enable cheat mode. The message "Cheatcode Enable" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Press ALT + F12 followed by ENTER, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:. Note: Cheats are only active for the current level and must be re-activated if needed:

Add Dexterity bonus - dex <1-999>
Add Hit bonus - hit <1-999>
Add money - money <1-99999>
Add Intelligence bonus - int <1-999>
Add Strength bonus - str <1-999>
God mode - invulnerable on
Disable God Mode - invulnerable off
One hit kills - onekill on
Disable one hit kills - onekill off
Reactivates timer - again time on
Stops timer during timed missions - time off