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Dark Eye: Demonicon, The PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

Abstinent Played Demonicon through without using a single healing potion
Apothecary 250 potions or poisons used
Asfaloth's Adversary Gave Ulev the talisman
Awaken! Received the Gift in the tutorial
Back to the Nether Hells! Taifelel defeated
Belhalhar's Butcher Played Demonicon through in Nether Hellish difficulty
Belhalhar's Minion Played Demonicon through in Hard difficulty
Blakharaz' Sword Banished bandits
Chain Artist Learned Chain of Blows
Deceive and Disguise Became member of the Kreutzer Cartel
Demon Slayer Defeated the overpowering Heshthot in the market
Dilettante 10 potions or poisons used
Eager Student Reached Mastery Rank Four in one talent
Experienced 50 potions or poisons used
Fall of the Prophetess Defeated Azaril
Farewell, Sister Killed Cassio and sacrificed her blood
Father! Freed father from imprisonment
Frenzied Chain Artist Achieved a chain of 12 blows and triggered Demonic Fever
Godlike Raised an attribute to its maximum
Grandmaster Reached Level 7 in one Adventure talent
Gul'zr'ogh's Vanquisher Defeated Ghamat and the Plague Maw
Götterdämmerung Introduced the Catechism to the New Church
Hells Can Wait Sacrificed Calandra as First Paladin
Iconoclasm Destroyed the New Church's Catechism
In The Face?! Killed Borak the Bruiser
It Ends Where It Began Returned to Moloch Mountain
Master Chain Artist Achieved a chain of 24 blows
Mercy Before Justice Spared the cannibal in Moloch Mountain
Mishkara's Caprice Led the Fernfielders to their fate
Mishkara's Enemy Gave Genla the talisman
Pacteerer Cast 200 Gift spells
Persevering Killed 10 enemies solely with Ranged Weapons
Prepare for Adventure! Passed a Talent test
Self Conflict Defeated the Iribaar's Lily and yourself
Serve and Protect Became member of the City Guard
Shadowstalker Successfully dodged two hundred times
Son of Man Acknowledged father and thereby chosen humanity
Steadfast Denied Calandra
Tasfarelel's Shadow Banished guards
The Demon Master's Heritage Spoken to Borbarad's Council of the Dead
The Last Meal Killed the cannibal in Moloch Mountain
The Source of the Evil Caught the summoner in the Praios temple
There Can Only Be One Convicted and killed Falk
True Love Sacrificed yourself as First Paladin
Untouchable Completed 5 battles without a scratch
Wanton Slept with Calandra
Warrior Used 200 combat moves
Will to Power Acknowledged Seghal and thereby chosen the Gift
Xarfai's Pledge Suffered the pain of Rondra's prescence 

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