Darkened Skye PC Cheats

Rating 5

Ogmire Archipelago: Get the message

When you reach the rock with the flashing message, jump and press E to get the message.

Rating 3

Items Effects

Skittles - Build your magic spells with Skittles. They come in yellow, orange, red, green and purple varieties.
Rumble Stones - Blow up a pile of boulders or other objects. They are useful to get what might be behind another object.
Rune Mines - Drop a Rune Mine in the middle of multiple opponents to hurt or destroy them. Note - If you are too close you will also take damage.
Potions - Red potions increase health. Blue potions increase mana.
Spongites - Throw a spongite into the water as temporary platforms that can be jumped upon. They last about ten seconds before disappearing.

Rating 3

Magical Spell Effects

Affliction - Poison an enemy.
Awaken Stone - Animate a stone statue or object.
Cleanse Evil - Destroys demons and undead monsters.
Create Wizard - Allow an ally to use magic.
Diminish - Shrink Skye to small size.
Fire Walk - Allow Skye to walk on fire and other hot surfaces.
Impede - Slow one enemy.
Lightning - Shoot a lightning bolt at one target.
Madness - Confuse target.
Magnify Magic - Increase the power of your next spell.
Polar Pulse - Ice stream attack and freezes water.
Prismatic Pulse - Shoot powerful energy pulses at your target.
Psychic Blast - Weaken multiple enemies.
Pyro Pulse - Pulsating fire attack and burns an object.
Ring of Rime - Damage multiple enemies with an icy blast.
Shadow Vision - See in the dark.
Spell Shield - Increase Skye's defense against magic attacks.
Strength Sap - Weaken one enemy.
True Sight - See things that are otherwise invisible.
Universal Smite - Deal modest damage to all enemies.
Veil - Invisibility.
Wind Glide - Allow Skye to float.