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Darkest Of Days PC Cheats

Game also available for:   XBOX 360

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Cheat Codes

Press ~ during game play to activate the console window, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Refill current weapon's ammunition - ammo
Toggle attacking your allies
except for Dexter and important characters - set player.friendlyfire <0 or 1>
Set gravity; -32.15 is default,
larger values allow higher jumps - set phys.gravity.y
Set walk speed; 18 is default,
higher values increase speed - set player.speed
More upgrade points for guns - guns.points
Toggle God mode - set god <0 or 1>
Set melee range; set to 10000 for unlimited - set melee.reach
Toggle invisible to enemies - set player.ghost <0 or 1>
Set water level; 0 is default - flood
Removes NPCs from map - clear-npcs
Set gunslots to carry more guns - set player.gunslots
Toggle turrets from overheating - set gun.heat.rate <0 or 1>
Spawn of blue aura characters - specialize
Set friction - set player.frictionHL
Toggle smoke and effects when NPCs fire guns - set npc.gunparticles <0 or 1>
Toggle NPC muzzle flash - set npc.gunlights <0 or 1>

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Bonus level

Go directly opposite all the characters and use the wooden door in the last scene. You will be able to enter after all the action is over. The bonus mission involves protecting the development team. You can see hidden text during the bonus levels by looking at the subtitles.

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