Data Jammers: FastForward PC Cheats

Rating 3

Steam achievements

Bean Counter - Pick up at least half the rings in a level.
Breakout - Escape the local network.
Collector - Pick up all powerups in a level.
Debugger - Analyze the innards of Terabug.
Ducks In a Row - Collect a complete row of rings.
Elite Jammer - Reach the top 1 percent of global leaderboard.
Fireball - Destroy an object in mid-air with burn powerup.
Graduation - Finish the "How To Play" section.
Jacked Up - Survive being thrown way up high by a Flapjack.
Mad bomber - Destroy five objects with one bomb.
Pacifist - Finish a level without using bombs.
Packet Loss - Burn or bomb 1000 innocent data packets.
Perfectionist - Pick up all rings in a level.
Pyromania - Destroy five objects with one burn powerup.
Rammed - Survive 25 head-on collisions.
Save The World - Finish all three Chapters.
Shining Armor - Survive lethal damage thanks to shield powerup.
Sinkhole - Cause 25 Stingers to fall off track.
Top Jammer - Reach the top 10 percent of global leaderboard.
Underdog - Obtain the secrets of Ouroboros.
Untouchable - Finish a level without taking damage.