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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Cheats "Unlockable Costumes" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Unlockable Costumes

Unlock the following costumes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Champion's Jacket - Inside the "Hostile Zone" at the Fortune City Arena
Chuck Greene's Outfit - Have a previous save from Dead Rising 2
Dealer Outfit - Find it in the managers office where you save Lenny Mooney in the Yucatan Casino
Ninja Boots - Found in The Mans Sport in Uranus Zone
Ninja Hood - Find it in the secret sniper spot in Royal Flush Plaza
Ninja Mask - Is it near the nightclub in Yucatan. At the end of the hall full of zombies, there is a door on the left, and a desk on the right. The mask is behind the desk.
Ninja Outfit - Get the achievement "Elite Killer" which is to kill 1337 zombies.
Protoman Blaster and Shield - Finish the game with an S Ending (Beat Overtime)
Protoman Helmet - Save Jack in the "Welcome to the Family" case, then beat him in strip poker in the "Ante Up" case.
ProtoMan Suit - Get Bronze or better on all challenges in Sandbox Mode.
Psycho Body - Defeat the psychopath Carl
Psycho Boots - Early in the game, once you get Rebecca to the security room, the boots are inside
Psycho Mask - It is in the wedding chapel where you fight Randy
Psychopath Hair - Wait the midnight Time Share movie in Paradise Platinum Screens
Soldier Body - Defeat Sgt Boykins
Soldier Boots - It is in a small room is south plaza on a cardboard box
Soldier Face Paint - Find it in Shanks in Palisades Mall
Soldier Goggles - Buy them in the Silver Strip pawn shop for $2,000,000
Sports Fan Boots - It is in the Sportrance store in Royal Flush
Sports Fan Clothes - On a rack on the first floor of KokoNutz in Palisades Mall
Sports Fan Face Paint - Find it on the awning at Americana Casino
Sports Fan Helmet - Hidden in the back room of Hot Excitorama
Tattered Clothes - Get the achievement "Party Time" which is to get a survivor drunk
Willamette Mall Uniform - Visit 10 Maintenance rooms (this also unlocks the Maintaining the City achievement)

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