Dead To Rights PC Cheats

Rating 4


To unlock the mini-games, successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting.

Rating 2

Diggs strategy

Diggs is the ex boxer you must face in the later part of the game. When he reaches three quarters of his health, gas which will hurt you will be turned on. You can knock off his gas mask and put it on. Repeatedly press TRIANGLE to dive and he cannot touch you. His power will slowly go down, and he will soon be defeated.

Rating 2

Voice access on Chapter 13

Kill one of the men that has green on. A man in yellow will walk out in the open and run back. Eventually the man in the yellow will run over to you. When he does this, and grab him. If another man runs with him, kill him and leave the man in yellow alive. Take him to give the voice authorization and you will be able to open gate. When you go over to the gate, a lot of men will be there. An easy way to kill all of them is to run up to them and grab one as a shield. The man you grab will get killed quickly. Keep doing this until only one person remains.

Rating 2

Unlimited ammunition during training

At the startof the training, after blowing the men up with the canister, switch weapons to your pistol. You can shoot with out running out of ammunition.

Rating 1

Pinnacle strategy

When fighting Pinnacle, repeatedly press JUMP to easily dodge his attacks. Jack will automatically turn to face Pinnacle before he jumps -- don't worry about getting too far away from him. While Jack is jumping, he is impervious to all of Pinnacle's attacks. Do this repeatedly to tire Pinnacle out, then jump on his back and finish him off. You can also attack Pinnacle in front by punching and using low kicks, but this is not recommended since it does not take much damage from Pinnacle.

Rating 1

Ledge in mine on Chapter 3

If you have trouble getting across the ledge in the mine after the prison break, go to the wall with the ledge and enter "wall mode". You will scoot across and will not perish in a darkened abyss.

Rating 1

Spine break on Chapter 3

While locked up "Iron Point" and walking around in the hall only two or three people will be around. One of them will run up to you and say something. When you run away, they start to walk away. As they walk away you can go in back of them and do the grab. However, they move too much and you will end up breaking their back.

Rating 1

Destroying the clown van in the cemetery

-Drop a canisters that explodes on either side of the gate, in the corner between the wall and the gate. Do not throw it. Walk away and shoot the canister. Repeat the process until the van is destroyed. This may take some timebut it works.

-Toss a couple canisters at the van without shooting them. This works best when at mid field. When you have them in front of the van, toss one at the van and wait until the can gets directly in front of the gunner then shoot it. This will take a lot of life out of him. A couple more and it is done.

Rating 0

People without guns strategy

To take out people that do not have guns easier, keep blocking and dodging. If you do not dodge, you will still get hurt. While in the prison, you will learn how to reverse a grab. This allows you to avoid getting hurt when they grab you. When you reverse the grab, you will throw their arms in the air. This will leave them open to attack (punch, kick, grab, etc.). However, they can still block.

Rating 0

Fahook uses bottle on Chapter 14

-Once Fahook goes into the back of the plane, he will drink from his bottle when you get him very low on life. At this time you should shoot the bottle out of his hands before he gains too much life. Doing this three or four times will destroy his bottle. Finish off his remaining life points and watch the intermission sequence.

-Use the manual aiming to shoot things so you can aim at the bottle. You will need to do this three or four times. When the bottle is shot off Fahook, you need to make Fahook go near the open back part of the airplane. Once there, shoot him and Fahook will fall off and die.

Rating 0

Flaming Fisted Man warning

The game restarts itself after Flaming Fisted Man. This does not allow you to save your game, meaning that you either start a new game or continue fighting Flaming Fist Man repeatedly.