Deadly 30 PC Cheats

Rating 1

Cheat Code

Press 66 during gameplay to have all survivors become immortal, get the alien laser gun and over 130,000+ cash. Note: Once you get the alien lasers, you cannot change back to your original weapon.

Rating 1

Steam achievements

1 UP! Reach Maximum Level Up.
2 Weeks Later Survive 14 Nights.
Blargh! Get puked on.
Boom, Headshot! Kill 500 zombies with Headshots.
Cant Stop Now! Spend an Hour Playing.
Can’t Touch Me Buy 10 boxes.
DIY!? Buy the Alien Laser Gun.
Dang-a-lang Kill a naked zombie.
Deadly 3 Get all 3 Survivors to the Helicopter.
Defender Buy 4 Turrets.
Getting Paid Find Total of 50000 Scrap Metal.
Golden Shells Total of 20000 bullets shot.
Great Teamwork... Lose the game.
Imma Take a Nap Sleep 5 Nights.
Infected Meat Kill 2000 Zombies.
Mechanic All Maxed Upgrades.
Medic! Medic! Heal 500 Health Points.
Oh Hai Thar Kill a Red Giant.
Shanked! Stab 300 zombies.
Staying Alive Survive a night outside of the base.
Survivor Survive all 30 days and nights.
Traveler Walk 10 kilometers.
Union Have full crew.
VODKA Find the secret button.
Warming Up Survive your first night.