Death Row PC Cheats

Rating 3

Extra energy and money

Once the energy meter is 100%, get the prisoner to work. When he says "I'm going to bed", switch off the lights. Select his favorite work, click it, and he will say "That's not funny". The prisoner is asleep while gaining energy and money.

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Select "Clues", then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

100 in all stats - Ollie29
Unlimited money - Ness28

Rating 1

Increasing mood

To get Hector Van Deamon's mood up faster, turn the lights off while he is asleep. When he says "Thanks for turning the lights on", turn the lights on. Repeatedly turn the lights off and on. His mood will soon be at 100%.

Rating 1

Hidden Clues

Check the following locations to find hidden clues:

-Below the mattress.
-In the window.
-When you buy a proper toilet, the third clue is in the back part.
-When you buy the mirror, the clue will be in one of the corners.
-Under the desk (when you buy it).
-Is in the plant.
-In the trash.
-The last clue is hidden on the television. Just click all over it.