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Cheat Codes

Note: v1.2 of the game is required. Press BACKSPACE during game play to display the console window. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Note: The shareware version of the game is limited to only the gimme guns and gimme ships codes:

Three-way forward guns - gimme guns
Extra lives - gimme ships
Invulnerability - gimme god
Maximum width spray gun - gimme spray
Colorful guns - gimme rainbow
Increase damage - gimme damage
Always bonus wave - gimme eticket
Reduce friction - gimme grease
Increase armor - gimme armor
Outrigger - gimme gilligan
Grenades - gimme bombs
Turbo engines - gimme turbo
Gain indicated ammunition - gimme ammo<1-9>
Full energy - gimme energy
More speed and range for weapons - gimme range
Lots of weapon power-ups - gimme death blossom
Restore defaults - gimme defaults
Next wave - gimme outahere
Rocks slow down - gimme a break
Show filename - show rockset
Load random new rocks - load rockset
Load random new backdrop image - load backdrop
Add a rock - add rock
Remove a rock - kill rock
Breaks a rock as if shot - explode rock
Add a mine - add mine
Remove a mine - kill mine
Break a mine as if shot - explode mine
Add a power-up - add bonus
Add a big "junk" rock - add junk
Add an explosion effect - add fragfest
Add a fire pattern - disco inferno
Add an alien - add alien
Remove an alien - kill alien

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Change screen resolution

Play at the following screen resolutions by starting the game with the corresponding command lines:

800x600 - debris32 -r800
1024x768 - debris32 -r1024
1280x1024 - debris32 -r1280

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