Deer Avenger 3D PC Cheats

Rating 4

Shoot the girl

During the spring, shoot the head of the blonde haired girl in the pink tank top. You will not be sent back to your cabin.

Rating 3

All guns

-Enter the game folder and find the saved game file, then rename the file (such as "Bambo") to ALL or ALL GUNS. Note: This is case-sensitive.

Alternately, open the saved game file (such as "Bambo") with a text editor and type or "ALL" or "ALL GUNS" (case-sensitive) as the first line in the file.

Rating 3

3D milk mode

When first selecting a file, double click the name and name yourself Hunter (case-sensitive). As your character is in the cabin. everything should be a 3D whitish version.

Rating 2


Use the following characters to unlock the corresponding weapons:

Earl - Compound bow
Boozer - Magnum
Tad - Sniper rifle
Bubba - Single-barreled shotgun
Emma Sue - Double-barreled shotgun
Zeke - M-16 Semi-automatic assault rifle
Snake - MP5 full automatic submachine gun

Rating 1

Rapid fire

Select a weapon, go hunting, and shoot about three times. Now point your gun to the ground and shoot.

Rating 0

Hidden weapon

To unlock a rocket launcher, kill all seven hunters once in two out of the four hunting areas.

Rating 0

Finding Zeke

Choose Bambo then select the Magnum. Go to winter and hunt. Hide on the top of the long hill and wait. When you are told to make a call, do so and he will appear. Note - This may need to be done several times.